Students tide pooling in the San Juan Islands. Seastars:  Pisaster Ocracheus, the Purple Seastar. 2 Students:  Students collaborating at the tide pools . Forest Path:  Old Growth Forest. Boy with Seastar:  Student holding a Seastar. Rosario Beach
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Sea Kayaking near Orcas Island

Sunflower Star (P. helianthoides)

Misty Shores of the Salish Sea

Rest stop in the San Jaun Islands


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  Not a family of kayakers?

  There is plenty to explore on Orcas Island for the family while you paddle!  Make it a Family Getaway!

Kayak Orcas Island by Bed and Breakfast             

      Five idyllic days in the San Juan Islands --Summer 2013 (Aug 26 - 30)


Plan:  5 days of sea kayaking - two of which we will sail to our lighthouse paddle destination - explore by kayak- and sail home.


              Let your cares drift away on the wake of the ferry as you depart for Orcas Island in the heart of      the San Juan Islands.  We will be immersed in “island time” for the week as we spend 5 days sea kayaking and exploring the waters around Orcas Island. 

              Your days will begin with a world famous breakfast hosted by our delightful hosts at Turtle Back Inn as the sun rises over Crow Valley.  You definitely won’t be roughing it over night as you relax on the open decks and rest in the comfortable guests rooms in the restored “folk national” farmhouse.

              Each day will feature a different sea kayaking venue.  We aren’t destination bound, but rather enjoy soaking in the beauty and natural history of our surroundings.  Your guide, Andrew Rice, is a seasoned guide and marine biologist and has been guiding in the San Juan Islands for over 10 years.  Sea kayaking orcas island offers many diverse sea kayaking destinations including: Sucia Island, Yellow Island Preserve, The Wasp Island Group, Obstruction Pass, West Sound, Olga, and Deer Harbor. 

              Guests will provide their own kayaks and gear and have a background in sea kayak skills and safety.  Kayaks may be rented from local outfitters but must be arranged for well in advance.  This tour is a relaxing way to explore the region day by day in the hands of a competent and skilled veteran of the San Jaun’s.  Guests will provide their own lunch time snacks to be enjoyed during our mid-day stop and two dinners on the town.  Two dinners are included at the Turtle Back Inn during our stay.  Throughout the week Turtle Back Inn will be our “base camp”.

              A typical day will include 4 – 6 hours of paddling and exploring followed by a return to the Inn for refreshment.  Then, for those who choose, there are a variety of local hikes to capture the full island flavor….or if you choose, just relax on the deck or visit the local artisans scattered about the island…you choose!


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