Students tide pooling in the San Juan Islands. Seastars:  Pisaster Ocracheus, the Purple Seastar. 2 Students:  Students collaborating at the tide pools . Forest Path:  Old Growth Forest. Boy with Seastar:  Student holding a Seastar. Rosario Beach
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Gearing up to go kayaking in the San Juan Islands

“ When you taught us about trees it really stuck because I identified a tree for a friend and told him how he could identify them too. You make teaching exciting and next time we go to Rosario, for any reason, I will definitely want to go.”

Zachary P., student, Forest Park Adventist School

The Puget Sound region provides ample opportunities for adventure. When adventure is combined with learning in the natural world students gain self-confidence and knowledge of their world and the importance of interdependent webs of life. In a world where technology dominates, and our lives are over stimulated, Academic Adventures combines the adventure of trying new things from a slower paced life with learning about the habitats we move through. Some options include sailing and kayaking in the San Juan Islands.

Sea Kayaking along Sucia Island

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