Students tide pooling in the San Juan Islands. Seastars:  Pisaster Ocracheus, the Purple Seastar. 2 Students:  Students collaborating at the tide pools . Forest Path:  Old Growth Forest. Boy with Seastar:  Student holding a Seastar. Rosario Beach
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Students learning about phytoplankton and zooplankton

“ When you taught us about trees it really stuck because I identified a tree for a friend and told him how he could identify them too. You make teaching exciting and next time we go to Rosario, for any reason, I will definitely want to go.”

Zachary P., student, Forest Park Adventist School

Students participate in local research projects that integrate the scientific process in their investigations. Projects can be selected by the group or by the staff to reflect the needs and interests of the group. The data collected contributes to enhancing knowledge of the local marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Labs have direct application to concepts experienced in the field and are led by instructors who have extensive knowledge of the local marine and terrestrial biology.

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