Students tide pooling in the San Juan Islands. Seastars:  Pisaster Ocracheus, the Purple Seastar. 2 Students:  Students collaborating at the tide pools . Forest Path:  Old Growth Forest. Boy with Seastar:  Student holding a Seastar. Rosario Beach
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“You have a wonderful way of exciting others about marine biology and land and sea formations. Our group was riveted to your every word. Thank you!”

Cheryl Willis, Skagit County
Parks and Recreation

Andrew J. Rice holds an M.S. degree in biology from Walla Walla University . He has taught science at the elementary, secondary, and collegiate levels; worked as a marine biologist and naturalist; and is a competent and enthusiastic instructor.

During the completion of his undergraduate and Masters degree programs at Walla Walla University , Andrew spent 4 summers studying and teaching at Rosario and has lived in Anacortes and La Conner since 2000. His intimate knowledge of the regions diverse marine and terrestrial life greatly enhances a groups experience with Academic Adventures.

     Bethany Reiswig - Instructor Summer 2011


      Bethany Reiswig will be graduating from Washington State University with a M.S. in geology in May. Starting this fall, she will be taking teaching certification classes and volunteering. Bethany spent two summers studying at the Rosario Marine Station while working on her undergraduate degree. While working towards her degrees, she also spent several summers volunteering at remote Alaskan summer camps, spent two summers on archaeological digs in the Middle East and spent a year teaching high school science in Egypt. She enjoys many different outdoor activities such as hiking, birdwatching, camping, and traveling.


      Carly McBride - Instructor Summer 2011


         Carly is a Junior at Western Washington University.  She is pursuing a career in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Mathamatics and General Science.  She hopes to teach middle school or high school students and coach Soccer and Track.  Growing up in Washington, Carly's favorite place to visit was the San Juan Islands during the summer.  She loves hiking, kayaking, exploring the woods, and walking the beaches. She is excited to experience a summer face to face with the amazing features of our beautiful Pacific Northwest coastal home.


      Mira Lutz - Instructor Summer 2011


     Mira Lutz is a fun-loving woman who just loves getting folks outside. Most of her talents and hobbies involve a close proximity to the sea, which explains a lot about her. Mira is a mom, science teacher, naturalist, and kayak guide. She has degrees in Marine Biology and Secondary Education, both from Western Washington University. When not at work, Mira can be found in a boat, on a sailboard, on a bike, in some hiking boots, playing music, or messing around in the garden. She and her family live, learn, work, and play in Anacortes, WA, where she can smell the sea breeze anywhere and get to a trail by bike or by hike in minutes flat.

      Alyssa Bangs - Instructor Summer 2010 & 2011


      Tina Baldwin - Instructor Summer 2011

        Brooke Kisser - Instructor Summer 2010


         Birding at Pt. Pelee

         Brooke Kisser earned a M.S. degree in biology from Andrews University in 2009. Currently, she is an adjunct professor of Biology and enjoys teaching college level courses at local community colleges. While completing her undergraduate degree, Brooke spent two summers studying and conducting biological research at Walla Walla University’s Rosario Marine Station. Prior to beginning her college education, Brooke spent several summers working with children and teenagers at remote Alaskan summer camps.
         Brooke and her husband Shaun make their home in Burlington, WA where they enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities. Brooke especially enjoys hiking, SCUBA diving, camping, birdwatching and the many other activities this area has to offer.

      Kelli Jacobs - Instructor Summer '09 and 2010


                          Hanging out at the Beach.

          Kelli Jacobs was raised on Fidalgo Island. She is currently a junior at Southwestern Adventist University, in Keene, TX.  Kelli plans on pursuing a Bachelors degree in nursing and ultimately plans a career in search and rescue.

          Kelli has a strong desire to help others, a trait which was more thoroughly developed during several mission trips.  She has helped build a school in Mexico, provided relief to victims of Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi, and assisted with a building project and conducted a Vacation Bible School near the Thailand/Burma border. Kelli enjoys various sports such as basketball, volleyball, wakeboarding, rock climbing, and snowboarding.







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