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Academic Adventures is an inquiry focused Coastal Ecology and Marine Biology Field School based in Anacortes, Washington, gateway to the San Juan Islands. We provide an environment and location that makes learning fun and easy. Students participate in the scientific process, and are surrounded by the specific habitats, organisms and ecosystems they are studying. By experiencing real science through group collaboration, adventure activities, and service participants concept retention is enhanced.

Academic Adventures is a Columbia Virtual Academy, Community Based Instructor (CVA) (CBI).


Students participate in local research projects that integrate the scientific process in their investigations. Projects can be selected by the group or by the staff to reflect the needs and interests of the group. The data collected contributes to enhancing knowledge of the local marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Labs have direct application to concepts experienced in the field and are led by instructors who have extensive knowledge of the local marine and terrestrial biology.
Students who engage in field inquiry directly related to the subject matter of study have better concept retention and understanding. Adventure activities are chosen that complement the inquiry process and teach new skills as we go! At Academic Adventures students move and work in the habitats and ecosystems they are studying and come away with a profound increase in their learning curve no matter what their learning modality or style.
Students work together in groups and learn group collaboration. This approach gives students skills and confidence essential for real life. By teaming up to accomplish a common goal, students realize the value of each others talents. Whether working on data collection and presentation orsailing and kayaking this approach gives students skills and confidence essential for real life.
The Puget Sound region provides ample opportunities for adventure. When adventure is combined with learning in the natural world students gain self-confidence and knowledge of their world and the importance of interdependent webs of life. In a world where technology dominates, and our lives are over stimulated, Academic Adventures combines the adventure of trying new things from a slower paced life with learning about the habitats we move through. Some options include sailing and kayaking in the San Juan Islands.
Service is a critical component of life. By serving our fellow man and working to enhance the environment where we live, we intrinsically add value to our lives and to the world around us. Through participation in local environmental enhancement and restoration projects students apply the curriculum concepts taught by Academic Adventures. They then gain a greater appreciation for the various habitat’s and the species which inhabit them. A sense of accomplishment and purpose come with completion.

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When you taught us about trees it really stuck because I identified a tree for a friend and told him how he could identify them too. You make teaching exciting and next time we go to Rosario, for any reason, I will definitely want to go.
Zachary P., student , Forest Park Adventist School
At first I didn’t want to go to outdoor ed, but after, I wanted to go again. I wish school was as fun as outdoor ed.
Joey, student, Forest Park
Adventist School
I just wanted to personally thank you for taking the time to set up the interesting lessons. It was a great opportunity to work hands on.
Tom Roosma, Principal, Orcas Christian School
Thanks so much! This was one of the best trips I have ever had, and you helped me learn a lot. Thanks!
JP student, Lincoln City Jr. Academy
Can’t wait for next year’s outdoor ed!
Tara, student, Forest Park
Adventist School